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#NSFW #XXX 18+ Adults only - Minors Get away !
Please keep away if not interested or choqued by sex, erotism, artistic or crude capture of sex action.
This blog has 2 goals :
1) Sharing the most exciting #NSFW erotic, porn & #pornart content & my few own exhibs
2) Just making you hard or wet, Horny as hell, Willing to fuck & get fucked again & again while exploring new erogen zones.
NB : No matter you're a boy or a girl, straight, bi, gay or lesbian !
Your Welcome on this english friendly, animated by me, a french & horny hetero guy, in his early 40ies, loving father & husband whose sexual appetite & curiosity is not fullfilled in his daily life.
I love artistic pics, but there so many splendid blogs even for fashion & artnudes you won't find some here unless it relates to strong sexual aoousal or is #pornart

I hold no right on the content usually shared here (trying AFAP to state author's link when known).
I only claim image property on the few #selfshot exhib & masturbation pics of my dick which I share here from my moby account (
I love to receive photo replies or submited selshots of horny people whoever they are.
I will ban any underage, beastial or violent content & will repost anything you sent me that makes me freaky horny !

Contact me here or best through my twitter feed : @malexhib


Hetero ? Lesbian ? No, just a veggie : vegetable lover (via imgTumble)

Hetero ? Lesbian ? No, just a veggie : vegetable lover 

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